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This is where you can chose how to become a kNews Booster to support me producing entertaining and informational content, that I mostly share on my social media accounts on YouTube and Twitter.

How close am I to minimum wage?
(as of November 22nd 2019)

ca. 4% (still at loss sadly)

This progress bar is a rough approximation of all my channel's revenue streams combined on a monthly basis. I try to be as transparent as possible about it and update it regularily.
Minimum wage would of course not be enough to make a good living, but my funding goal is to "only" cover the basics, so that I can do this full time, without having to worry about not being able to pay for the most essential things. Everything beyond that is a bonus for me.

Who Am I?

Hey there! My name is Lukas and I do original animation content on YouTube and Twitter. I don't want to inherit all the bad aspects of being public figure while not enjoying the good ones, so I don't share much personal information about me online. However, I believe my content reflects a lot of who I am and I hope that I am worth your support. If you need more information about me or anything else, I am also always happy to read and answer your emails! Please read the NDA before you do that.

Why Support Me?

My mission is to create frequent and unique content, that keeps increasing in quality. I need the financial support simply to spend more time on it and less on other projects to make a living. To be clear: Supporting me means supporting me producing my content. I love video and animation and I don't want to hire people who do it for me, so that I could focus on selling stuff or do other things. I'm aware that some people do that and strive for a career in counting money. That's not who I am and what kNews.space is about. I want to do this until I'm old and grey!

YouTube Membership

If you have a Google Account on your smartphone that is already linked to a payment method, then this is the easiest option for you. You will get some small perks on YouTube like a kNews Booster Icon in the comments and access to the member-only community threads, where your comments are only read by me and members, not the general public. This is great for people who like to comment but at the same time try to limit the size of their footprint online.


If you don't mind making a new account and would like to avoid Google and YouTube, but still want to support my content, then using Patreon is a great option. However, I am not as active on there and you won't get any of the benefits on YouTube. I do not offer any special perks to my supporters, because I want to use your funding to create more and better content, not sell the perks. I hope that makes sense!


This option means to send me your financial support directly via Paypal. Now, because this could turn into an accounting nightmare keeping track of many micropayments, I reserve this option only for people who want to support me by a more considerable amount at a time, bypassing the fees of the other options. If you want to send a year's worth of support at once, this is for you! Simply contact me via email in that case. Please read the NDA before you do that.

Non Disclosure Agreement

Contacting me via e-mail for the reasons listed on this page at funding.kNews.space, you agree to not disclose the contents of our email exchange to other entities. You also agree to not make these contents public or accessible to third parties. I agree to do the same out of respect to your privacy and additionally agree to not share your e-mail address with private or commercial third parties, or use it for any other purpose than to answer your e-mails with relevant information. I reserve the right to not answer your email(s) and/or forward them to local authorities given a case of criminal offense against me or another person.
If you agree simply add an "I agree to your NDA at funding.KNews.space" to your message. Thanks!

Your Next Destinations

YouTube: Become a Member

Patreon: Become a Patron

E-Mail: kNewsLukas@outlook.com

(This E-Mail address is not my Paypal address.)

And lastly a word of appreciation. It's the people who decide to help out a stranger on the internet like me, that keep me going. Without you I had long quit and even though the amount I get so far is still little, it's a light at the end of the tunnel! Thank you for that! You are breathtaking! ;P

With best regards,